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Help to display 90 days record


I am trying put a chart to display no name create in the last 90 days by title.

here is my ruff data:

Title Name Create Date
A AB 15/03/2012
A VA 02/02/2011
A EA 01/02/2012
A DF 07/03/2012
B ER 15/03/2012
B BF 02/02/2011
B QW 01/02/2012
B WE 07/03/2012
C ET 15/03/2012
C TY 02/02/2011
C YU 01/02/2012
D IU 15/10/2011
E AZ 29/11/2011
I AX 27/02/2012
I AC 19/08/2011
J AF 15/02/2012
K GH 02/02/2012

the result may come below

Title  Count

D        1

E        1

I          1

Can some one please advise what expression should work to display no name in last 90 days by title?



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Help to display 90 days record

Maybe something like

sum(aggr(if(max(Create Date)<today()-90,1),Title))

Might need some tweaking to get the desired result but that should help point you in the right direction.

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