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Help with a visualization needed

I am in the building life safety maintenence service business.  The service managers want to know what types of customers repeat year after year.  I can't create a picture of what that should look like. . .  There are many attributes for each customer, however,

I don't know how to create an effective presentation. . .

would the data be more than one service call in the last 24 months, separated by 12 months or more?

and if so, how would a visualization  be created??

not to the expression and dimension stage yet, so just need any graphic suggestions, or other experienced to get to an attribute ranking of repetitive customer building's service calls. . .

thanks for pondering the possibilities. . .


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Re: Help with a visualization needed

Hi, TL

If you are looking for ideas, have a look at Matt Crowther's blog

QVDesign | Making Qlikview Beautiful

Alternatively, search the web for infographics as there are plenty of different charts and graphs that may inspire you and impress your service managers.




Re: Help with a visualization needed

As an idea, how about a histogram:

- calculate the number of consecutive years for each customer

- build a bar chart with the count of customers per number of years in service.

You will know where most of your customers fit in.

Another idea is to divide all of your customers into a number of buckets, based on their tenure, and examine the top bucket - what characteristics are different for most of those customers with the longest tenure?


Oleg Troyansky


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