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Help with chart expression - need max effective date


I have a chart where I have


as the expression.

I’ve attached an image below.

I need this chart to ignore selections in the document and always display the chart based on the max effective date.  I have list boxes set up using the effective date so users can select dates.

Is this possible?  I know that you would usually include a 1 identifier in your set analysis to achieve this but I’m not clear on how to include this in my chart expression since I’m not aggregating anything.

Also, would a better approach be to create a standalone table to hold the latest data? I’m not sure how to do this but this was a suggestion I received.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Help with chart expression - need max effective date

This expression will ignore all selections:


If you want to ignore selections in specific fields you can use something like this:

Max({<MyField1=, MyField2=>}End_Time)-Min({<MyField1=, MyField2=>}Start_Time)

Just add any fields you need in a list separated by commas

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Re: Help with chart expression - need max effective date

Thanks for your response.  I think using MaxEffDate might be a better approach.  I need the chart to show all jobs (dimension) with their duration (expression Max(End_Time)-Min(Start_Time) ).

However, the expression needs to display the duration only for the MaxEffDate.  I’m not sure how to add the MaxEffDate to my expression.

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