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Hide Legend Entries


Just wondering, in a graph if there are some legend entries I want hide based on some condition is this possible?? I still want the values to be graphed, I just don't want some of the legend entries to be shown.



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Hide Legend Entries

Hey Julia,

yes, you can do it. You have to go into chart properties, the "general" tab, and treat the tittle as a variable.

Some like :

='my title'&if(condition,'show legend', 'not show legend')

Hope it helps!!


Hide Legend Entries

Hello Julia,

In version 9, if you show the legend, it will contain all possible expressions or dimensions. Anyway, you can do a conditional to show the color but not the label, using the following as label in dimension or expression:

If($(vShow) = 1, 'Label', ' ')

Hope that helps

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