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Hiding of dimension in pivot table

Hia all,

I have created a pivot table and in that i have used one calculated dimesion for filtering purpose.

What i want is i should not display that dimension in report but its importance is for filtering the results.

How can i hide a dimension in a pivot table.

Can you guys help me in this

I went through api guide.qvw but couldn't find the macro

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Hiding of dimension in pivot table

You can use a Group of Dimensions which shows only the one you want to show in the chart/pivot table, but use it later in reports, or you can add a if statement to say when and how you want to show that dimension, if that's what you want.

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Hiding of dimension in pivot table


Just to be clear, I think an IF statement to conditionally show a dimension is only available in Version 9.

I don't know of a way in version 8.x to conditionally show a dimension on a pivot table or even to have it functioning but not showing, it can be done very simply on a straight table in the presentation tab.

One option might be: Change the text colour to white and make the column size very small but you'd need to check what the impact of this is on the report as I don't ever use reports in QlikView.


Hiding of dimension in pivot table

Hello Nigel,

You are right. We all should indicate the version of QV we are working with, as I never used version 8.x so I don't know how many changes and which changes are from one version to another. And sorry for the inconvenience. For what is worth, I'm using QV v9.00 SR1


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