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Highlight moving date range

I have a chart which shows recovery rates for the prior 15 months based on a current date selected. Looking to create an expression that will highlight the last three data points in the range, meaning months 13-15 as the current selection changes.

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Re: Highlight moving date range


try with the "background colour" (appears when you click on the cross next to your expression in the dialog). There you should be able to enter a formula calculating from the current user_selection (with GETFIELDSELECTION()) or just with max(month) (and max(month, 2) and max(month, 3)) - since, once the user has made a selection, only the available months are considered, so you want the latest three.


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Re: Highlight moving date range

Hi Josh,

Add an expression in the 'background color':

Something like: if(Month(Date)>=Month($(vCurrentDate)-3),'color to highlight' RGB(),'other color' RGB())

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