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How can I invert or reverse the axis in my chart?

I have a bar chart showing the average employee rating by region.  The employee rating is a number anywhere between 1 and 3, but the problem is 1 is considered the highest rating, and 3 the lowest.  See the example below- what I'd like is for the axis to go from 3 at the x/y to 1, instead of 0 to 3.  The easy answer would be to multiply by -1 and show the negative value.  My problem is that the negative values always extend from the top of the chart down, I can't figure out a way to invert it.. I've attached an example qvw, thanks in advance for any help with this!

11-13-2012 10-30-51 AM.jpg

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Champion III
Champion III

See if you like this one:

Inverse expression, as you tried:

- avg(Rating)

Create Bar Offset expression (attribute expression)




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Does anyone have any suggestion / solution ?

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Please find attachment.


Similar approach as Michael suggested, with some minor mods.

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Creator III

Are you sure that you have understood the Problem?