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How can i veiw error message based on some condition

Hi Friends,

I need to show a error message based on a condition. I know it can be done by Custom Error message. But I don't know how to make a conditional statement.


I have a date field if enter the wrong date means it show me pls enter the valid date....

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Re: How can i veiw error message based on some condition

This generic plan can help you in the creation of a solution:

  • Define what constitutes an iinvalid value (e.g. bounds? invalid month-day-year-values? etc.)
  • Translate these rules into a logical expression that checks whether a field is inside/outside these bounds
  • Add this expression to an IF() function that displays an error message in a text box whenever the conditions are met.

Note that QV does not have an IsDate() test function. But you can easily use date#() for that. If date#() returns NULL, then either the values ( e.g. '99/99/9999') or the format (e.g. '1/ABC/2015') of the parameter or both are wrong.


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