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How to avoid QV from give wrong result when open doc ?

Hi All

I have a QV doc i name at QV_457 , this morning when i try to analyse the report i found that the report give wrong value. So i open the old doc which is save one week ago , the file name QV_440 which is working fine.

So i though alone the way i add some new script cause the problem. so i spend about 1 hour to check , but unable figure out where go wrong.

So i decide to create 2 file and ask forum where go wrong , when i create QV_457 file save as bad , and QV_440 save as good , and this time i check again , both good and bad file is working fine.

So now i realize that in order to clear the QV doc from give wrong result , the best way is to save the file and open the file again.

May i know it there any other alternative. as this happen to me not once.


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