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How to avoid an empty set when working through a date range?

Pulling data from a table that has values for all fields for every day within a range, with the exception of one day which has no associated data; you can assume in my scenario DATA_TS is primary key for all data.  Under this condition when I hit a defined PREV Button on my dashboard to bring up a previous days worth of data, everything is fine as long as previous day is not the empty one.  If it is the empty one my PREV Button does nothing and I am stuck on the current day of data.  The PREV Button is defined with a "Select in Field" action of =DATE(MAX(DATA_TS)-1)  -- this is to move me backwards one day at a time. 

Additionally, If I actually select this empty day with my Calendar Object it seems to corrupt all current selections given me strange results on my dashboard.  How can I exclude my PREV Button from selecting empty dates, i.e. dates that have no associated data?

To take it one step further, how can I lock out any empty set from being selected in my calendar object?

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