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How to calculate overall score


I am new to qlikview and working on a project to get overall score for a quality project. I have two sets of data - Actual data and exception data. If we have multiple tables, how can we get the distinct count of records in each table separately.

We are trying to use the below but not sure how to use distinct in this or if there is a better way to get the required results


({$<$Table={'Main Dataset'}, $Field={'sec_acct_rec_id_1'}>} $Rows)

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Re: How to calculate overall score

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Re: How to calculate overall score

Thanks Marcus. We are however looking for the count of records from specific tables individually. From what  I can see, the field value count only takes in the field name but what I am also looking for is the count of that field in a particular table only. This is because that field is being used across multiple tables.

Re: How to calculate overall score

This is included in the referred examples - if $Table and $Field as dimension within the chart you received the results how desired. You could also limited $Table with an if-loop to a certain single table.

- Marcus

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