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How to change text on axis color based on condition


I am trying to change the color of the dimension on the X axis based upon a condition. For example, in the picture below, I would like the '1-2 CD-S' to change to a red color if it is a manufacturer supplied part [so, I have the code as if(MSP = 'Y', red())]. For whatever reason, when I go into 'axes' and 'axis color' and select 'conditional', it will not change the color, even if the condition is true. Even if I select 'fixed' with no condition, the color will not change. However, if I select 'font' and change the font and size of the text, that will change.

Can somebody please assist me in figuring out how to make this change? I have tried going in to 'dimensions' and editing the 'text color' field too, and that is not working either.

Thank you,


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

That's not possible. The axis labels can have only one color.

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Creator II
Creator II

A couple of work around options neither of which are ideal.

You could hide the x axis in the chart and then layer text boxes which could be colour coded over the top of the chart. However the alignment will probably get thrown out depending on selections made. Another option if you only have a small number of values on the a axis would be to layer an individual chart for each value one on top of the other and colour code the axis on each chart, not forgetting to make each additional chart transparent. Again not a solution I would be happy with but just thought I'd throw it into the mix. I wouldn't disagree with Gysbert though and probably better to look for another solution.