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How to define the default style of icons on Ajax ?


i have just installed the 11.2SR8 after using 11.2SR5 for a while.

And i have discovered that now, the default style of icons on the Ajax Server seems to be the "light" icons where as before it was the "dark" style of icons.

Is there a way to change that globally or is this a new settings of the documents ?

it's quite annoying to have to change all .qvw to make the migration, i hope there's another solution



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Re: How to define the default style of icons on Ajax ?

In fact after studying the issue, we have discovered that in


there is two entries for each icon : one dark and one light.

example in our document : caption-HELP-light-icon

We have discovered that in 11.2SR5, some document had caption-HELP-dark-icon and now have caption-HELP-light-icon where as for other document it has changed.

What's happening ?

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