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How to get data form two data silos or islands to straight table

Hi eveyrone,

The data is in separate silos.  Silos must not be connected by key field.

How to make a straight table where dimension is a common field in both silos (different names) and expressions come from both silos.

Silo A

CustNameA, AmountA

Tom, 10

Tom, 10

Bob, 25

Tim, 30

Jim, 40

Jim, 50

Silo B

CustNameB, AmountB

Tom, 1

Tom, 3

Bob, 2

Bob, 5

Tim, 3

Jim, 4

Straight table:

Name     sum(AmountA)     sum(AmountB)

Tom                         20                   4

Bob                         25                   7

Tim                         30                   3

Jim                         90                    4

Please see the attachment where I started to study this issue.



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Re: How to get data form two data silos or islands to straight table

I can't see any good reason that the best solution wouldn't be to solve for this somehow in your data model.

Nonetheless, here's a sample where I used a synthetic dimension funtion (ValueList) to accomplish what I believe is what you are after.


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