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How to organize data by date

I have a set of data that needs to be organized by month. How do I use Qlikview to sort the data accordingly?

For example, in Excel I have data that is organized like this:

1/14/14   2000

2/14/14   3000

2/15/14   3599

3/13/14   4000

4/12/14   5000

4/13/15   6500

What should I do to organize the data so it sums according to the month?

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Re: How to organize data by date

See attached

Use MonthStart function in your dimension to achieve monthly amounts.


Re: How to organize data by date

you can make a chart with

dim              month(yourdatefield)

expression    sum(yourvaluefield)


you can add a calculated month field in your script (see above)





month(date) as month,


load * inline


date, val

1/14/14,  2000

2/14/14,  3000

2/15/14,  3599

3/13/14,  4000

4/12/14,  5000

4/13/15,  6500


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