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How to re-create this in QlikView?


we have a graphic that someone at some point created in Excel and which is widely used until today.

(I have attached a pic of it, don't ask me what is what, I never quite understood)

=> We now have a QV_dashboard for our customer to design our customer_communication in "pull" manner.

<=> That specific KPI is just a static picture with just that graphic, for that is how our customer knows it.

<=> needless to say, I am less than happy with that fact for it contradicts the very thought of "pull communication".

<=> My question is thus, how can we re-create that in QlikView (never mind colours and stuff)

     - I mean just the "main" chart - the one below must be another one I guess, that can be done

     - In the main chart, the lines are quite easy to create, of course
        <=> the difficult parts are  that vertical "beam" which must be between those two lines (it moves) and
                that "partial shading" - you see the charting_area is shaded vertically to the green line and horizontally
                to the right edge of that "beam"

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: How to re-create this in QlikView?

1. The beam can be created as a bar (apparently the chart must be combo), where it's location is defined by the X-axes condition, so it appears in one place only.  The value of the bar is the difference between the dark red and light red expressions, and bar offset is the value of the light red expression.

2. Chart background is one per chart, calculated color wouldn't help.  It would be great to get a super-wide bar from 0 to the current point, but I don't see how it is possible.  The only way I can think of is an additional object (text box or chart) in a layer below the main chart.



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Re: How to re-create this in QlikView?

Can you use a thick "Error Below" line to replicate the 'beam' with the distance between the lines as an offset?

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Re: How to re-create this in QlikView?

You can get the background grey box with a combo chart with bar and cluster distance set to zero.

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Re: How to re-create this in QlikView?


I managed to achieve the above with stacked bars and a combo chart with the bar and cluster distance set to zero. I think with a bit of work this would give you what you need. You can see the rules for the various items in the key to the chart. I hope this proves useful.

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