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How to read out Type of Chart

Dear all experts,

I try to format line colors (background colors) in expressions for a line chart. I have also a change button to a pivot table.

Now, when I change from line chart to pivort table, I have the background colors and this is not well readable.

For that I try to get a if-condition in the background color expression.

For Example:

if <type of chart> = <pivot>, rgb(255,255,255), rgb(0,255,0)

--> if type = pivot, background white, background green

Do somebody know how i can read out the type of chart?

Thanks in advance


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Re: How to read out Type of Chart


Simple create a variable and use that variable in your button to set its value to say 1 in case of pivot and 0 in case of line..

then you can write:  if(variable = 0,green(),white())



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Re: How to read out Type of Chart

Hi Sushil,

thank you for the fast feedback. But how can I can I read in a variable

if the the type is a pivot or line chart? What is the syntax or code for this reading?

Because my fast change button is integrated a button in the caption of a chart