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How to set gauge limits based on row?

Here's a sample table:

1Michael Jordan27
1Larry Bird31
2Michael Jordan42
2Larry Bird21
3Michael Jordan35
3Larry Bird25

I have Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in a straight table that has a column for their name, and a column for a gauge on the average amount of points. 

I want a gauge for each player.

I want the gaugages for each player to be segmented with the limits of 0, min(Points), max(Points).

However, the problem is, it's choosing the min and max values for BOTH players so the min and max for BOTh is 21 and 42.  I want it to be 27 and 42 for Michael Jordan, 21 and 31 for Larry Bird.

Any ideas on how I can write this expression so it finds the minimum based on Player and not the entire data set? 

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How to set gauge limits based on row?

You can achieve your goal using set analysis.
For Michael Jordan, Min({<Player={'Michael Jordan'}>} Points), Max({<Player={'Michael Jordan'}>} Points)
For Larry Bird, Min({<Player={'Larry Bird'}>} Points), Max({<Player={'Larry Bird'}>} Points)

Set Analysis is very powerful. Refer to reference manual.

I hope it helps you.

Steve Kang.

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How to set gauge limits based on row?

Hello, is there a way to do this without having to identify the Player in the expression?

My data set is actually thousands of players, and I am attempting to do this in table format rather than creating a separate gauge for each individual player.  Thank you for the assistance.

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Re: How to set gauge limits based on row?

Oh, I see.
If you add Player as dimension with other fields, you can use TOTAL keyword in your expression.
Like this: Min(TOTAL <Player> Points)
It's similar to group by clause in SQL.
If you can, refer attached qvw.

Steve Kang.

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