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How to set object width/height of linked objects in a container

Hello QV Gurus,

I am using a lot of nested container objects for my current QlikView application. When it comes to adjusting object size of the linked objects in the container I am guessing that a mere update of values against Width and Height text boxes (in Caption tab of the container) does not work. I have also tried the option of right click the object , Linked Object > Adjust Position of Linked object but that does not serve my purpose either.

My requirement is simple, I have SearchObject1,ButtonObject1,ListBox1 and MultiBox1 in container1 and they have appropriate width and height. Now I need to be able to set these exact same width and height to another set of objects i.e: SearchObject2,ButtonObject2,ListBox2 and MultiBox2 in container2 and so on...

Is there a way to achieve this efficiently without having to manually re-size individual object using borders?


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