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How to shows BEx Hierarchy in QlikView?


How to shows BEx Hierarchy with amount in QlikView just like it shows in BEx?

For Example:


After Loading into QlikView it shows like:

CC1CC1TCC2CC2TCC3CC3TCC4CC4TCC5CC5TCC6CC6TActual AmountActual Amount - Unit
[0COSTCENTER].[ZZ   0HIER_NODE]IT Management[0COSTCENTER ].[210   0HIER_NODE]NT Management[0COSTCENTER ].[21002   0HIER_NODE]Com Management1[0COSTCENTER ].[21000   0HIER_NODE]'IT Communication[0COSTCENTER ].[2100000  0HIER_NODE]'IT Communication[0COSTCENTER ].[0210000000]Communication5681.00$
[0COSTCENTER].[ZZ   0HIER_NODE]IT Management[0COSTCENTER ].[210   0HIER_NODE]NT Management[0COSTCENTER ].[21002   0HIER_NODE]Com Management1[0COSTCENTER  ].[0210020000]Communication 158464403.80$

Waiting for reply.

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Re: How to shows BEx Hierarchy in QlikView?

Hello Imran,

Maybe as a starting point..  (one of things needed to know about your source data, is does it come stacked up in a vertical parent-child relationship of your cost centers, and you have to assemble the chains?  Or are your hierarchies "pre-assembled" and you can just immediately begin analyzing.  *Hierarchy assembly not shown here*)

[HIERARCHY]:  //for dynamically swapping the pivot dimension between parallel hierarchy fields
Cost Center
Cost Code

Cost Center, Amt
IT Management, 0
IT Management.NT Management, 158464403.80
IT Management.Com Management.IT Communication.Communication, 5681.00

//A pure parent/child table would allow you to dynamically construct the parent to child bucket relationships. This table would be after that point

Cost Center, Cost Code
IT Management, 21002
IT Management.NT Management, 21002.210020000
IT Management.Com Management.IT Communication.Communication, 21002.21000.2100000.210000000
Com Management, 21002.21000
IT Communication, 21002.21000.2100000

WHERE Exists([Cost Center]); //don't chart cost centers that have zero activity.  comment out if you want this

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