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How to trigger a selection ?


I have a situation like this.

We have in dashboard, a dropdown called 'Range'. This will have values from 0-10

Internally to qlikview, the table which holds 'Range' field has another column 'StartDate'. That is, each Range value will have a corresponding StartDate.

Another internal table in qlikview (not joined to the first table mentioned) has a date filed named 'DischargeDate'

Now my requirement is, when I select any value in Range (say 5, and say the corresponding StartDate for this is 1-Jun-2012 ), that selection should trigger another selection that would be "DischargeDate greater than or equal to the selected StartDate"

I could implement the requirement, but it takes an extra step now. With my current logic, when Range is selected, I am storing the corresponding StartDate in a variable (vRangeStart). Another button is provided 'Show Data' with action as Select in Field where DischargeDate >=vRangeStart . This works, but as I said, with an extra button click. I want the same selection to be happened along with the selection of Range value.

Can anyone help me to give the same result, avoiding the button click.



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Re: How to trigger a selection ?


You may try to add a trigger for OnChange event of your variable vRangeStart.

Pls. see Variable Event Trigger in Settings-->Document Properties-->Triggers.

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