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How to use ValueLoop in Set Analysis


I would like to ask for some advice on how to use ValueLoop in Set Analysis. I have a synthetic dimension using ValueLoop and I want to use the values of this ValueLoop dynamically in the set analysis expression so as to get following result :

0.1Count({<prob={">=0.1"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.2Count({<prob={">=0.2"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.3Count({<prob={">=0.3"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.4Count({<prob={">=0.4"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.5Count({<prob={">=0.5"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.6Count({<prob={">=0.6"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.7Count({<prob={">=0.7"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.8Count({<prob={">=0.8"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
0.9Count({<prob={">=0.9"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)
1Count({<prob={">=1"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)

I tried to use below but it does not work -

Count({<prob={">=$(=ValueLoop(0.1,1,0.1))"}, Category={'Good'}>} id)

Please help.



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Re: How to use ValueLoop in Set Analysis

ValueLoop within Set Analysis might not work. To tell you the truth, I have never tried it, but from the looks of things, I don't think it will work. You will have to use Pick(Match())... to get this done.


Re: How to use ValueLoop in Set Analysis

Set Analysis sets are evaluated before the graph calculation, not per row.

it would be not possible to create that expression


Re: How to use ValueLoop in Set Analysis

Reading: A Primer on Set Analysis

Set analysis is a way to define an aggregation scope different from current selection. Think of it as a way to define a conditional aggregation. The condition, however, is in itself like a selection that is evaluated before the cube (the chart) is expanded. Hence, it is not possible to have a condition that is evaluated row by row.

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Re: How to use ValueLoop in Set Analysis

Thanks Sunny & Clever!

I will use other methods to do that.



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