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How to use 'aggr' to show results in another graph?

Hi, I have a big problem trying to show some data. In the Excel attachment is the information that I have in a graph, but I need to display information that is in column A (only 5004 or 5016), that column is an Expression, rule 1: is not valid that two columns have different data (5004 or 5016), rule 2: at least 1 column must have 5004 or 5016

=If(match(x1,5004,5016)>0 AND ((x2 = x1 OR x3 = x1) OR (x2 = 0 AND x3 = 0) OR (IsNull(x2)=-1 AND IsNull(x3)=-1)),x1,

          If(match(x2,5004,5016)>0 AND ((x1 = x2 OR x3 = x2) OR (x1 = 0 AND x3 = 0) OR (IsNull(x1)=-1 AND IsNull(x3)=-1)),x2,

                    If(match(x3,5004,5016)>0 AND ((x1 = x3 OR x2 = x3) OR (x2 = 0 AND x1 = 0) OR (IsNull(x2)=-1 AND IsNull(x1)=-1)),x3)))


500450040-Valid. x3 is Null
--50165004Not Valid. x2 <> x3. x1 is Null
-500450045016Not Valid. x1 <> x3 and x2 <> x3

The idea is show only when in Column A is 5004 or 5016. x1, x2 and x3 are in diferent tables and I can´t to filter them bucause sometimes any value is Null. I think to use the function aggr, and use this graph to create another, but I can't to find a good example.

Thank you.

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