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How to use the total of a column in other column?


i am doing a variation of cost in some products, the table calculates the variation of every product, however the add of the column nor the expression as total works for calculating the total variation, since i need to calculate the total of column(1)/column(5), but i can't find a way to do it.

The variation is: 1'215.203/740.355-1

The sum of the column %Var is not equal to the result.

The total expression in column %Var does not work neither, because it takes into account more product than are displayed, since there is an if function on the value calculation for every dimension of material.

Is there an easy way to reference to the numbers highlighted in yellow?

I know is a bit confusing but here is an example

Product   Total_Cost   Total_Previous_Cost              Var

a                  100                    120                              17%

b                   50                      45                               11%

c                   20                        -                                   -                              this row won't appear sin does not have previous value

Total as exp   150                    165                             (170/165)-1= 3%

Total as sum  150                    165                             (17%+11%)=28%

Real Var%                                                                 (150/165)-1=  -9%

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