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IE Plugin rendering issue

When a user goes to our rds server and browses to the QV AccessPoint, she sees that the top few fields are misaligned.

She sees the rendering issues when browsing to both the v11.20 SR9 and v12.10 SR4 servers.

QV-incorrect render.png

When I go to the same rds server and browse to the same AccessPoint / application, the page is rendered correctly.

QV-correct render.png

When the user and I browse directly to the AccessPoint from our laptop, the image is rendered correctly.

Any hints as to why the rendering for her on the RDS server is incorrect?

The QvPluginSetup on the rds and my laptop is 11.20.12644.  The users laptop QvPluginSetup is 12.10.20200.0

The IE browser on the rds server and my laptop are both IE 11 (11.0.9600)


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Re: IE Plugin rendering issue

Probably the compatibility issue of plug ins. You need to use updated plugin.

Which version and Service Release of QlikView are you using?



Re: IE Plugin rendering issue

As mentioned above,

QV: v12.1 SR4

QvPluginSetup is 12.10.20200.0, which was downloaded from the link on the QV server.