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IE Plugins need administrative rights to get installed to the system.

We are trying to use IE Plugin version, for using applications. But the problem is IE Plugin needs administrative right in the system to get installed. In Qlikview, is there any other option to use IE Plugin, which will not ask for administrative rights in the system. Or say for example, any other plugin which will work similar to IE Plugin, but will admin access is not required by the user.

Note: I donot want to use Ajax version, as it is degrading the performance of one of the application. But same application when tried to run through IE Plugin, having no performance issue.

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Re: IE Plugins need administrative rights to get installed to the system.


IE Plugin does indeed require administrative rights as it has to register some OCX components in Windows. There is no other plugin similar to this, except for using Desktop instead, which I'm afraid it's not a solution as long as it requires permissions as well. This all is documented in the Reference Manuals.

The logic option would be to use the Ajax client and find out why is degrading performance, when it is supposed to do the opposite. Moreover, the Ajax client has been particularly enhanced in the previous 11.20 SR2 release 11922 (current is 11.20 SR3 release 12018). I'd suggest you to upgrade to the latest version available and log a Support case if it keeps behaving so poor.

Hope that helps.