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Ignore Dimension Limits when "Exporting to Excel"

Hello All!

I have a chart (pie chart to be exact) which shows the breakdown of 'statu's for many thousands of records.

As there are over 50 possible 'status'es this would be a very busy pie chart if I did not use Dimension Limits (currently set at 14).

However some users want the full breakdown list available in excel.

Currently they have to 'export to excel', then click on 'Others', 'export to excel', then click on 'Others' etc. until they have all the values, then manually join the excel outputs together.

Not the best user experience! Oddly the users claim it did not work this way in QV10, and it is only our recent migration to QV11 that causes them to have to do this multiple export..

Is there any way for me to tell the 'Export to Excel' button to ignore the Dimension Limit (preferably only for this one object)? Or some other approach I could be using to give them the list?

Thoughts or feedback greatly appreciated!

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Re: Ignore Dimension Limits when "Exporting to Excel"


A quick thought is to add a button for export and trigger a macro.

In the macro uncheck the dimension limits, export to excel and the set the dimension limits back to original. Search the apiguide for right properties.

Kiran Rokkam.

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