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Improve the Font Quality


In our office we use qlikview as a major reporting tool. For some of the report we required the output in powerpoint. So after doing all the calculation and preparing the dashboards in qlikview we export some sheets to powerpoint using the

ActiveSheet.CopyBitmapToClipboard option.

Basically this copies the entire sheet as a picture and then pastes in to powerpoint. Everything works fine other than the font quality. When we write the same directly in powerpoint, the font is very clear and solid. But with same font settings in qlikview the quality is very poor.


As you can see in the above comparision, the fonts in poerpoint (in red box) is far better than Qlikview (In Black Box). It become more unreadable when we print it to PDF. Is there a way I can improve the font quality here.

For the example above I have used Arial Regular 11 font size for both.

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Never tried the QV Bitmap copy approach, I use Greenshot and do screen caps for most things but just a thought from generic MS-Office issues. I find I often get better quality output from an image copy and paste if I use the Paste as Picture option, rather than the default Paste. Does this help get you better quality by any chance?

As far as printing goes not sure where you're referring to printing from, but if you mean a print to PDF from QV then try the option under the menu User Preferences - Printing - Bypass Postcript for printing (slow). Yes it is slow, but the output font quality does seem to improve with certain printers. Obviously also checking the setting in the PDF printer driver - it needs to be set to a decent dpi to get quality output - e.g. if you are using say 300 dpi try upping to 600 dpi there. You'll get a bigger file but quality should be better too.

HTH, Cheers