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Re: Indent Mode does not display higher dimensions properly when collapsed

Jonathan Dienst wrote:

John Witherspoon wrote:

I believe I typically leave no room for the legend for the dimension at the top, which gives me the space to expand out the final dimension to give room, but that shouldn't be necessary, of course.

I am afraid I don't understand this. Could you elaborate a little please.

Now that I'm looking at the QVW, I can see that you're already doing what I was talking about.  In your example, your ReportDate dimension has no label, and has no room for a label - that's what I usually do.  If you expand all your dimensions, the blank space for that dimension's "label" takes up maybe half a centimeter on my monitor.  You can technically shrink it even further by using a one-time macro to set the width, but there's not much to be gained here AND it doesn't seem to be related to the problem in this case anyway.  So never mind.