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Initial layout in pivot table

Hi all,

I would like a solution to reinitialize the order of dimensions in a pivot table ?

In fact, in Access Point (with IE plugin), I moved dimensions' columns and I want to go back as we opened the application, with a button for example.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Initial layout in pivot table

Attached is an example of how I would approach this.

Essentially there are two tables, one where you can interchange columns and (when the reset button is clicked) the second table will show up with the original order of the columns. In the second table you can't move columns or make selections.

If you click the reset button again it will take you to the first table where you can use it like any other normal table.

Not exactly what you are looking for but hope its of some help.



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Re: Initial layout in pivot table

This is because the QVS/Publisher remembers your last state.

To get a fresh start when opening the document you can press "View details" and then "Remove last document state" as shown in the attached image.

To make this happen every time the document is open you have to change the way QVS/Publisher saves the sessions.

System > Setup > QlikView Servers > Documents > Allow Session Recovery.

You might find that this will not work every time and that is because the session is in memory until the session times out. The next day it will restart.


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Re: Initial layout in pivot table

Thank you for your answer but it's not exactly what I want. I would like to reset the layout of one pivot table after changing the order of the dimension.

I have no problem when I open the document : the layout is the same as the original.

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Re: Initial layout in pivot table

Thank you for your answer.It'll help me to propose a solution to this issue.

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Re: Initial layout in pivot table


I have a similar problem - because I have already dragged some dimensions to be columns, when I add new dimensions it trys to pivot them and can crash the app.

How would I remove the state when editing the document?



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