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Input Box capabilities

I'm using QlikView for Safety Events. When a particularly dangerous safety event occurs, or when several small safety events occur over time, we follow up. We call the person involved or have a meeting or something. I want to keep track of that follow-up.

Can I use an input box for that?

Can I add a couple of fields and associate them with a particular Safety Event (or more than one safety event) and then have those fields show up in the Chart next to their corresponding safety event?

So I want to add these second two columns to the existing first two columns:

SafetyEventID     Narrative                   FollowUpType      FollowUpSummary

1                         fall                             phone                    told to be more careful

2                         fall                             phone                    told to be more careful

3                         didn't wash hands       meeting                 discussed germs

And, any hints on best way to associate the FollowUp with an existing SafetyEventID?

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Input Box capabilities


Not sure what you want but may be this, if you can drop sample qvw file it would be better.

Please find attached.


Kiran Kumar


Re: Input Box capabilities

It is quite possible to do this with Input Boxes. But it takes a bit of work and you will also have to develop a way of saving the comments to file and reload these comments for each reload of the QlikView application.

However - I would advice you to have a very close look at Annotations which probably will serve your purpose very well. The best thing with that is that it works right out of the box - no need for development. The only thing is that you will have to run the application on a QlikView server - but I think you are doing that already as you seem to have a multi-user environment.

To find out more about Annotations you could search for "Annotations" and or "Social Business Discovery" on this forum, on Youtube or with Google.

Social Business Discovery at Work - YouTube


Re: Input Box capabilities

Here is a screenshot of a Youtube video that might help you understand the concept of Notes/Comments/Annotations that are built-in with QlikView 11 and above:

2016-03-25 09_49_16-QlikView 11 Notes and Annotations - Empowering Users - YouTube.png

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Re: Input Box capabilities

Annotations/"Notes" look handy. And they are stored in a *.NOTES (not sure if I am remembering that correctly) file. Before I dig to find out if those are accessible later so that I can keep track of who we have contacted and discussed issues with, I am going to explore the input box method...

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Re: Input Box capabilities

Kiran - Thanks for your help. I made some adjustments to the qvw you created and attached it here.

I want someone to see that Safety Event 1 was a fall, and when they call someone to discuss it, they record how they talked to them (via phone, meeting, etc.) and a summary of what was said. I want that information to be Saved /stored and the table box reloaded with that information appearing next to Safety Event 1's narrative in the Safety Event Table Box.

Then anyone could come back later and see the details about follow up on Safety Event 1. And also they could follow up on Safety Event 3, and record the details of that follow up.

Ideally, but not necessary right away:

  1. one wouldn't have to retype or cut/paste the SafetyEventID.
  2. one could associate more than one SafetyEventID to a single follow-up (because we might wait until we see a pattern of small problems before we decide to take action)

Thank you!!

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Re: Input Box capabilities

I can't find my *.Shared file right now (I looked in the same folder as the application and see others there), and since nobody was responding to my response to kumar's response I started a new threadassociate variable from input box to specific row but nobody is responding to that either.

Can you give me a hint on some key words to search for other ways to store data entered in input box?

Thank you!!!