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Insert Picture

Hi Guys:

     is there anyway to insert picture to Qlikview, then we can use it like map to select pictuse to show all or part of result?

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Re: Insert Picture

Look into BUNDLE LOAD help. Is that you want?

You can link pictures to your data and show anywhere you want, in text box or anywhere, using info() function.

If you provide more details on what exactly you are looking for, I am sure we all can find a way to do it in QlikView.


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Re: Insert Picture

I am New in Qlikview, I want put the plan map in to Qlikview then that can show all information when I select point it will show my result of select. do you have sample of "bundle load"?

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Insert Picture

take a scater chart  _> properties->Color-> check on image radio button and add a image

when you will write expressions and add dimension .it will so ur plan map.

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