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Invert Speedometer


I hade a speedometer in my Qlikview document that i want to invert. Now the speedomerter arrow goes from left to right, I want it do do the opposit (I want it to go from right to left).

Can anybody help me with this?


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Re: Invert Speedometer

HI, Jim.

I don't believe you can.

Looking at your image, I am surprised you have been asked to create a speedometer based on dates. There must be a better way of displaying the data - a line chart ?

However, have a look at the following link:

Google-O-Meter Charts - Image Charts (Deprecated) — Google Developers

You can build a speedometer from scratch by copying the URL into your code and amending the parameters associated with it. This may get you want you want but it may not be that pretty.



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Re: Invert Speedometer

Hi Jim,

    By default QlikView will work from left to right. So if possible you can re create the object again. To better understanding if you post your application here, it would be good.



Re: Invert Speedometer


A bit of a frig but you could multiply the value by minus 1 ?

Or I could sarcastically suggest that you stand on your head to view the speedo upside down which from that viewpoint would transpose left to right into right to left.

Finally many people I hold in high regard argue that speedo's are bad visualisation as they are confusing and take a lot of space.

Best Regards,     Bill