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Is it Possible in Area Chart???

Hi All,

I have a very peculiar requirement from my client and here it goes...

I have an area chart(line chart) with two cyclic group dimension(TimePeriod and Set of fields) and an expression. My client may make selections in the Set of fields in the 2nd cyclic group, for which I have provided him with a multi-box.

Now what he wants is to segment the graph with different colors even when he makes selections in a field that is not currently acitve in 2nd cyclic group....


Say I have "A,B,C,D" as fields of 2nd cyclic group and the field that is currently active in the 2nd cyclic group is, lets say "B" and the field in 1st cyclic group is, lets assume "Month"....

Now the chart is plotted for "Month vs B" with B's values as legend, and lets say "B" has values 1,2,3

Now let think field "C" has values x,y,z and my client selects just x and y, Now he wants the garph's legned to be like as follows 1-x,1-y,2-x,2-y,3-x and 3-y....with each segement at different color.

Hope I hav explained my situtation.....

My Client wants this in a Area Chart....But if it is not possible in area chart pls suggest any other charts too...

Any help or comment is welcomed

Thx in advance

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Is it Possible in Area Chart???


can you upload a sample qvw file, which explains better your requirement.