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Issue with Calender object

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with Calender object.

The scenario is : I have week level calender in my QVW, week level I mean all the data are displayed based on Week Ending date in our case it is Friday as Week Ending date of every week for eg the data in screen shot below.

The data to be displayed between two week ending dates as form 10/03/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY) to 10/31/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)


The issue I am facing is when i include the week ending date i.e. Friday date in the calender object it does not include it in the selection. It shows the data till prior week For e.g. if I select the date as 10/31/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY) then on the worksheet it will display the data till 10/24/2014. This had been achieved through triggers to drive the week ending date based on use selection.

FYI: This is sample data just to present the form of data in project, but if you would built the above scenario on the same data that would work fine as I have already tested it.

Have anyone had face similar kind of issue in the past? Please let me know if anyone has workaround to fix this.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Issue with Calender object

Can you upload a document that demonstrates the problem?

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