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Labeling dimensions in a chart

I have a chart with Metrics in it which are showing on the axis.  They are numbers from 36 to 41.  I want it to show names I put in for each of these rather than the numbers.  I have in: =if(MetricKey='36','%Interns',MetricKey) which shows %Interns instead of 36 but I need it to continue on and rename the other numbers which i havent been able to do.  Any suggestions

Thanks in advance

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Re: Labeling dimensions in a chart


How about storing your dimension using the dual() function.

This will let you store / display both the numeric and text representation of the dimension.

Best Regards,     Bill


Re: Labeling dimensions in a chart

Thanks Bill

I need to rename them just for this chart as they have other names for other charts and very long names that cant really be used.  Can i use the dual function in the chart itself and can you give me an example

Sorry I am quiet new to this - in at the deep end.

Re: Labeling dimensions in a chart




this will help you

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Re: Labeling dimensions in a chart

Can you please post a sample QVW?

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Re: Labeling dimensions in a chart

Hi Rohan,

If you want to rename the dimension , In dimensions tab Label available for every dimension ,Just change the name there it automatically show in the chart as it is.


I hope this helps..