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Layout question - same nr. of dimension points


I want to make all of my diagrams look as similar as possible so as to have a common look-and-feel.

The dimension (or one of them) is the day - the date being a key linking to a calendar.

By default, when opening a sheet, the current week is selected.

In most diagrams, all five or six days of the current week are shown on the x-axis, even if there is no data yet. That makes for a uniform width of the columns and it looks neat.

In the last diagram I have added (underlying is an Excel list where there are entries (incl. the date) only up to (yesterday) - I cannot make it so.

I have the same thing (a list where entries incl. the date are there only up to (yesterday) in another diagram already and I can still display all days of the current week - or all months of the year. So I don't quite understand why I cannot get this result this time round although all the settings rgd. the dimensions are the same?

Can anyone help me here?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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