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Layout size


I am looking for some advice on the layout and the placement of components. The dashboards which i have look different in different screens, would not it adjust automatically to fill the screen?

Also, how to make sure that i dont have blank space on the right side(please refer the image)?

Thanks.Blank space.JPG

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Re: Layout size

Go to:

-> Settings ->Sheet Propreties ->Triggers -> OnActivateSheet

and run this macro:

Sub Zoom



End Sub

hope this helps!


Re: Layout size

Qlikview applications are not responsive like Sense ones.

There´s some extensions that could help you

This one will "zoom to fit"Fit Zoom to Window Document Extension

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Re: Layout size

you can use "Size to Data" option available in the chart so that you can fix the width and height of the table.

One issue is that in case you have more number of dimensions then it will not show you a scroll bar within the chart like in case of expressions. You may end up in scrolling the browsers window. 

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Re: Layout size

Hi Gamavidy!

To eliminate the blank space on the right, you can use the "centeralign" extension. Find it on the web and install in the computer. In your Document Properties, in Extensions tab, activate it (Add button).

Hope it works!


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Re: Layout size

Thanks all for the suggestions, let me try the extensions.

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