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Limitting the legend values


I have a bar/line combo chart  in which the dimensions are Function and Date .. a Functions can have values ranging from 5 - 25 , as it gets difficult for a user to read along 25 dimensions I want to limit the legend values to 10 , so say for example , user select a function values from the filter and that value has more 10 values I want to display a msg saying too many values , if its less than 10 then the values should be plotted on the chart and also is there a way that user can pick the values in legend like check boxes not dragging and selecting

Thank you!

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Re: Limitting the legend values

You can create a calculation condition for your chart (on general tab of chart properties), something like

=Count(Distinct Function) <= 10

You can change the error message for the calculation condition unfullfilled also on general tab of chart properties to something like

='Please select less than 11 Function values'

If you create a list box for Function with style Windows checkboxes (on presentation tab), you can select / deselect single values. Note that no selections will still be considered 'all values'.

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