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Line chart actual values


I have the following data in a database.

Now I want to create a line chart that shows me a line with the actual values stored in the database of a selected item in a listbox.

When you insert a new graph, you have to create an expression that's either an aggregation or a function. But I don't want that, I just want the actual value.

Maybe I'm looking over it, but can someone say what i'm doing wrong?



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Re: Line chart actual values


I'm reading in the following data into QV from a *.csv file: (this is just a part , it contains more than 100 different VarNames.)


"M04_51025";"23/02/2013 14:48:17";56;1

"PT01_1010";"23/02/2013 14:48:22";8,35;1

"M04_51025";"23/02/2013 14:48:27";22;1

"TT05_56320";"23/02/2013 14:48:32";27,95;1

"TT05_56320";"23/02/2013 14:48:37";16,94;1

"LSL05_50320";"23/02/2013 14:48:42";0;1

"PT01_1010";"23/02/2013 14:48:47";32,13;1

"LSL05_50320";"23/02/2013 14:48:52";1;1

"LSL05_50320";"23/02/2013 14:48:57";0;1

"PT01_1010";"23/02/2013 14:49:02";68,56;1

"CT06_53215";"23/02/2013 14:49:07";2,43;1

"TT05_56320";"23/02/2013 14:49:12";37,09;1


Now I want to show show that data in a line chart. I have a listbox with the VarNames and want to show the actual data loaded from the *.csv file in a line chart. The user should also be able to select multiple VarNames, but for each selected there should be a new line on the chart which shows the actual data for the tag, not an aggregation of all the selected.

Can someone tell me if this is possible, and if this is possible how can I make this work?


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