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Line chart line color formatting

Hi community,

I am trying to format a line chart cumulative line (blue line in below screenshot) so that the flat plateau part of the line is not displayed. The plateau area represents Nov and Dec when the data is 0 in the second row, so I set the SQL logic to if(sum(FIELD)>0, RGB(0,204,204),White()) for the background color of that expression.

However, QlikView still displays part of the plateau because it recognizes the point where Nov value = 0 to be the middle of the Nov display area, not the beginning.

Is there a way to set the beginning of the flat plateau part of the blue line to the color white so it disappears completely?



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Re: Line chart line color formatting

Try to check flag of Suppress Zero Values in Presentation tab fo the graph


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Re: Line chart line color formatting

Hi, rather than trying to recolor last portion of the line, I suggest not drawing it at all.  This example works in the attached Sample.qvw I created for you.


As mentioned you need to have "Suppress Missing" checked.

P.S.  Qlikview won't allow you to have lines with different colored sections.



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Re: Re: Line chart line color formatting

Hi John,

Thanks for the response, seems like we are close to the answer. In my example, the blue line is the Full Accumulation of the blue bars. So in your 'Sample.qvw', when I check the 'Full Accumlation' box for Expression D in the attached, the line does not display as desired anymore. Do you know how to solve this?



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