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Link to column in another table


I have two tables in one of my qlikview sheets, lets call them table 1 og 2.

In table 1, I have a column, lets call that for column A.

Column A is calculated upon the entire data load, and there for table 1 includes approx. 500.000 linies, and column A calculates a value for each of these linies. And I have added "total of rows" for column A.

Table 2, is ussed for management reports, and should there for show only the total sum column A in table 1.

Does anyone of you know how to make a formula, that on paper has the following function;

= sum(columnA in table 1)??

Thanks in advance

Martin Palm


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It is not possible.

for better performance calculates the value of the column during the script

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I already use the script to calculate many of the needed steps.

Are you sure that this is not possible at all? It is possible in access, Excel an other datawarehouse systems.

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yes, i'm sure. if you want to use the same formula you have to copy it or ctrl+alt+v

If the formula contains sum avg etc. -> sum(aggr(sum.... and the performance is low

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I have now tried part of this, and it seems that this might be the way to do it.

Thanks Giovanni

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You're welcome!