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List box showing only fields that have a current selection

I have a table with 50+ fields in it. many of those fields are people's names. I am trying to create an object that will list only the fields that contain the searched name. if that persons name is in 4 of the 50 fields, list only the 4 fields.

I am ultimately trying to get to an object such as a table or chart that will reduce down to or conditionally display the fields and data associated to the searched name. All other fields should hide.

Any ideas?

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Re: List box showing only fields that have a current selection

Going to your real goal I could imagine that a visibility-condition (set for each dimension) like:

wildmatch(concat(ThisField, ','), '*$(vSearchValue)*')

     or maybe

wildmatch(concat(ThisField, ','), '$(='*' & concat(SearchField, '*' & chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)))')

may work.

Another way might be to use expressions with something like: only(Field) for the names and hiding them with suppressing of NULL within the tab presentation.

Beside this I would consider to merge all those names within a single field by transforming the data with The Crosstable Load.

- Marcus