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Listbox Treeview doesnot filter data based on selection.

Hi All,
We are currently working on getting a hierarchical data for one of our application.

I have used the hierarchy function and put the PATH created in the Listbox (w/ Show as treeview)

However, the list box (as treeview) doesnot filter the data based on the selection we make.
Also we would like to display the data from the root to the selection made.

Can you please guide me to create an alternative so as to display the folder-like treeview and the data from the parent is displayed.
  Can a set analysis in the listbox expression field help ?

PS: I have tried the Pivot table , however, it doesnot meet my requirements since the levels are undetermined.

Please advise.

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Re: Listbox Treeview doesnot filter data based on selection.


The ListBox option for TreeView is what it is.  It is either on or off and there are no additional options (such as "Expand all nodes").

I would suggest that it is filtering based on selections, but you might not be seeing it - you should see the "beacons" to indicate selection but, unless the nodes are expanded, you may not see the actual selected values.

You might want to turn off the "Size to Data" option on the Layout tab of the properties so that you can fix the size of the list box.

You could consider going with an advanced Extension Object to do what you want, but would it be as simple perhaps to just go with a List Box and a drill-down group?



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Re: Listbox Treeview doesnot filter data based on selection.

Thanks a lot, Stephen.

Yes It is filtering based on the selection. However the user has to scroll down to the level where the selection is made.

I was wondering if we could filter the treeview based data on the selection made using a set analysis.


I did try the above set analysis on the PATH column created out of the HIERARCHY function.

It doesnot display any data.

Also, Could you guide me on how to share a document that could be opened by anyone in the community.

I can share my code, if necessary.



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