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MTD & YTD concept

Hi All,

I have to make a report by using MTD & YTD concept :


In this report data is shown for till date of the current month, for the same date of the previous month, and the same date of the last year of same month.

For Eg : - Today is Mar,26 - so data is shown for Mar,2013(Till 26) , Feb,2013(till 26), Mar,2012(till 26)

Year - To-Date(YTD)

In this report data is shown from the begining of the month to the till date of current month and same for the previous months.

For Eg:- Today is Mar,26 - so data is shown from Jan,2013 to Mar,2013(Till 26) and From Jan,2012 to Mar,2012(Till 26).

Please reply ASP, and refer the attached File for Reference.

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Re: MTD & YTD concept

You'll find a number of examples of period over period reporting here on the community and in blogs.Some resources I would recommend are:

The book "Qlikview 11 for Developers"




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