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Macro, Copy chart to clipboard doesn't work!

Hey all,

I have a problem with the code "copybitmaptoclipboard". If i want to copy a chart to my clipboard it just takes the previous copy (not a chart, that's a table).

As you can see I used a for loop to itterate trough my arrays from objectID's, Object positions and excel sheets.

So my question is, how I can copy the chart and paste it in my excel sheet and it doesn't paste the last copied table?

Content array's:

ArrayObjectPos: ("A1","B6")

ArrayObjectID: ("TB23","CH125")

ArrayObjectSheet: (1,2)



ArrayObjectPos = Split(Macro_Table.GetCell(row+1,13).text,",") 'array with positions of the tables and charts (in order)

ArrayObjectID = Split(Macro_Table.GetCell(row+1,12).text,",") 'array with the object id's from the dashboard

ArrayObjectSheet = Split(Macro_Table.GetCell(row+1,14).text,",") 'array with worksheets in excel

counter = 0

'Paste tables and charts in excel sheets

for each x in ArrayObjectID 'loop trough every objectID

     for i = 0 to ActiveDocument.NoOfSheets - 1 'loop trough every sheet in my qlikview file


          if not isnull(ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(x)) then 'Check if the object x is on the active sheet

               if left(x,1) = "T" then 'Check if it is a table object

                    set ExcelSheet = ExcelDocument.Worksheets(Cint(ArrayObjectSheet(counter)))


                    ExcelSheet.Paste ExcelSheet.Range(ArrayObjectPos(counter))


                    set ExcelSheet = ExcelDocument.Worksheets(Cint(ArrayObjectSheet(counter)))

                    'ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Waitforidle 500 'THIS DOESN'T WORK, don't know if this is the problem?


                    ExcelSheet.Paste ExcelSheet.Range(ArrayObjectPos(counter))

               end if

               exit for 'exit loop to get next objectid

         end if


      counter = counter + 1



I searched a long time to find a solution and probably it is a simple solution , but I didn't found it yet


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Re: Macro, Copy chart to clipboard doesn't work!

Hello quintenl

ActiveDocument.GetApplication.WaitForIdle doesn't need the parameter 500, its not kinda Sleep() method.

It waits until the last group of commands to an object are done!

Actually it should be like bellow:




ExcelSheet.Paste ExcelSheet.Range(ArrayObjectPos(counter))

Hope it works for you


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