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Hi Folks,

I would like to know your statements for the use of macros.

I know that macros should be used with care. The document " ... Macros are bad" (sorry I donot know the author) describes

the risks. We reduced the macros already and only DefineClearState and Zooming are still in our apps.

Now Hosting forbids the use of macros in general. They say that zooming can be achieved using the menu and defineclearstate can be achieved by using a button and defining actions.

This is true, but the user has more clicks to achieve the same behaviour (my opinion is to make it easier for the user

as long as the application is easy to handle)

One argument is that the clear button (with fields defined) takes more performance than a button with actions (eg I need 11 actions to get the same behaviour).

Are they talking peanuts or are there real issues behind?

any opinions on that?


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