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Max Value (Date Field)


I have a straight table with two date fields as dimensions:

1. Date Processed

2. Submitted to Acct.

Now I want for all Date Processed only the max of (Sumbitted to Acct) ?



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Re: Max Value (Date Field)

If I understnad you correctly give this a try:

Your 'Submitted to Acct' should be an expression with: '=max(total <[Date Processed]> [Submitted to Acct.])'

You can also create a 'Max Submitted to Acct.' field in the script by doing a resident Group By Left Join to the original table.

Left Join (TableA)

Load [Date Processed],

     max([Submitted to Acct.] as Max_Sub_to_Acct

Resident TableA;

Hope that helps,

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

Qlikview Dsign Blog: http://QVDesign.wordpress.com


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