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Max in Dimension Table

I have the following code in dimensions tab on my pivot table:

  • MAX(DATE(date_ship))

Where date_ship is a datetime variable. But it give me an error like "Error in Calculated Dimension"

Anyone knows waht's happening?


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To use Max in your dimension you will need to use with Aggr() function. Try this:

Aggr(Max(date_ship), date_ship)


You would need to use something dimensional as dimension, not a scalar.

Like a field, or

=Aggr( Date(Max(date_ship)), DimensionForMaxDateField)

Replace the aggr() dimension with  appropriate field name(s).

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You can't use aggregation function directly in Dimensions expression. You need use AGGR function

Aggr(Max(Date_Ship), <DimensionFieldName>)