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Median Calculation

Hi All,

I want to calculate median for calculated measure. I tried but getting wrong value. Hope you all will help me in this issue.

I have attached example data to try.

Required output : Median of (% Gross deviation) .... column M in excel file

caluculation for (% Gross deviation) used in qlikview : [Absolute deviation (days)]/[IDA estimated lead time (days)] (note: it is not a field , it is a column used in measure)

caluculation for [Absolute deviation (days)]  : [Actual Lead Time (Days)]-[IDA estimated lead time (days)] (note: it is not a field , it is a column used in measure)

calculation for [Actual Lead Time (Days)] : If(len([Shipment delivery date])>0 and len([Shipment departure date ])>0,
[Shipment delivery date]-[Shipment departure date],' ') 


Note: I want to show median of ( % Gross deviation) against year-month of (Shipment delivery date) in a bar chart



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Re: Median Calculation

Have you already tried doing this using Median(Aggr([Absolute deviation (days)]/[IDA estimated lead time (days)] , your dimensions))... here make sure that you are using the whole expression instead of the labels of your expressions?


Re: Median Calculation

Sunitha, did Sunny's post help you?  If so, please be sure to click the Accept as Solution button on his post to give him credit.  If you figured it out otherwise, please consider posting what you did for others.  You can mark that as the solution at that point as well.


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